Light affects our vision, emotions, and most importantly, our health.

Brainlit Alven is designed to harness the power of natural light with BioCentric Lighting.

BioCentric Lighting boosts performance, sleep and health by synchronizing our biological needs with solar time, and aligning circadian rhythms.

Alven delivers daylight indoors from dawn until dusk.

Find your rhythm withBrainLit Alven.

BioCentric Lighting drives impact by improving rest and boosting alertness

"During the morning and office hours, I was more energic and productive. During the nights, I was getting more sound and restful sleep.”

With the right light recipe, Biocentric Lighting can:

woman sleeping on blue throw pillow
Improve the quality of your  sleep and rest

Counterbalance daily undesired light exposure especially exposure occurring in late evening and nighttime.

Helps sustain a healthy circadian rhythm as part of daily routine.

man on running field
Enables melatonin onset for sleep and 
recovery with warmer tone and lower intensity light

Exposure after competition, especially when late in the day, relaxes athlete and player for better sleep, rest and recovery.

grayscale photo of three person sitting inside airplane
Support adapting to travel across time zones and reduce effects of jetlag

Customized led recipes can be developed to provide appropriately timed bright light and darkness to adjust circadian rhythms.

Boost alertness when needed for performance with blue higher intensity light

In preparation for daily training.

Before match or competition.

Brainlit Alven

BrainLit Alven dynamically adjusts its color temperature from cold white (6500K) to warm white (2700K), mimicking natural daylight. As a result, BrainLit Alven transforms the ambiance of its surroundings while promoting circadian alignment.

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