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of Good Energy

Our goal is to generate impact on people's health and personal energy, through delivering better light solutions

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Get out of the darkness

Good energy is a feeling. It's an approach, a process of change and a new way of thinking about the impact of light on our lives.

Good energy is taking small steps in improving the places we work and live, as well as being socially responsible.

Most of all, it's a mindset that believes in creating a lifestyle that brings Good Energy to everything we do.

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woman walking in white sand during daytime

Sparckel is a pioneering and innovative company that succesfully developed a plug & play biodynamic lighting fixture for your home or your office


A state-of-the-art freestanding, biodyamic lighting fixture, for your home and your office. Swedish quality accompanied by a high end mobile application.


A moveable worktop, at the window, where you can fully enjoy natural daylight while working.


Experience what AYO light therapy can do for you.

Sleep better. Boost your energy levels. Feel good.

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Your Good Energy is serious business for us. Want to know more and want a tailor made calculation for your office, your home-office, the places where your children study or any other space? 

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