Time to turn back ON.

as if every working day were the first day of spring...

Do you know that feeling? A first day of spring. The sun on your skin and a kind of new energy, back again.

 This energy is called well-being, an old concept that dates back to 1561, but is more topical than ever. Well-being means well-being, a state of good health and prosperity. It means having a healthy lifestyle, feeling good and having a positive outlook on life. 

Well-being at work is a driving force

People in general, but happy, energetic people in particular, are the driving force behind many successful organisations. But how is the well-being of people actually determined? Are you, as an individual, 100% responsible for this or does your environment also play a role? Of course, it is the combination of the two, but your environment and certainly your work environment do play a decisive role.

 The "war on talent", as well as the growing social awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing, have in many ways brought the term employee wellbeing into focus in companies and organisations.

 Light is the all-important determinant of well-being in the workplace

One of the most important parameters for well-being in the workplace is light. Light for good vision, of course, but also light for a good mood, for a safe workplace, for a productive workplace.


Non-visual impact of light

This is precisely why we have developed our own "ON" approach. An approach that looks beyond energy savings and ROI tables, that looks beyond the ecological impact of new lighting. An approach that looks primarily at people and that focuses on the non-visual impact of light in all its facets. An approach that benefits companies, their organisation and especially their people.

 Curious about our approach? Then contact us for a no-obligation meeting and scan. This can be done at our premises, yours, or completely digitally.

 Time to turn back ON.

It's all about light